Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer/Fall Pictures 2011


Good things happen to those who wait...

Yes, I sat back and just waited to see if a Radiologic Technologist job would come my way.... and it did! I am now working at Eastern Illinois University's Health Services Clinic, part-time- Monday- Friday 12:00-5:00. The Clinic is closed whenever EIU is closed. I will not be working during EIU's Summer semester, however, I am completely happy having my summer's off!

I am still working at Shear Maddness in Newton. I will be working about three mornings and two evenings a week and possibly some Saturdays :) My mornings may be cut down eventually because I don't forsee my self being too busy.

I started my job on Monday, and by Friday I was starting to feel a little more comfortable. It was definately a challange to learn all the computer programs and such.....I was a little overwhelmed. But overall I really like it. We take x-rays on mainly just the students and the athletes! I'm sure I will get to know all the training staff for all the men's and women's sports before long. I'm really excited about working with the athletes! (since sports are one of my loves)

The Health Service clinic has a Pharmacy, Lab, X-ray, two MD's, 3 NP (Nurse Practitioner), and 1 ANP(advanced nurse practitioner) I may be missing some...I can't remember for sure! I was surprised at how big the clinic was!

A couple of weekends ago Scott, I and the kids took off and went to St. Louis for a couple of days. Kayla had an appointment with Dr. Gordon on her leg that she broke. He said she looks great and that he doesn't want to see her again...unless she wants those nails taken out of her leg.....which she told him she doesn't:) Our next stop was the City Museum and then back to the hotel to change into our Cardinals gear for the game against the Colorado Rockies (which they won!). We also hit the Gateway Fun Park for some go-karts and bumper boats! Next stop was the St. Louis Mills! We all enjoyed walking around the mall and of course Cabela's!

Today I took the kids down to the old school house just off of IL RT. 130 and took some snapshots and I think the turned out pretty good! I hope you all enjoyed my update, I'm sorry they are far and few between! Thanks for reading!


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Jasper County Fair Peddle Tractor Pull

Swimming Lessions at the Newton Aquatic Pool

The Tigers & The Defenders

This pretty much sums up what we have been up to the past couple of months! It seems to be flying by!

We were also able to squeeze in a Cardinal game in between all of that too!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thank You

A very special THANK YOU to everyone that made my birthday and graduation so wonderful yesterday. To my parents....for attending my graduation and for all the encouragement over the past three years....THANK YOU! To my brothers and sisters and their families and all of my friends for all the support! I really appreciated it! You all are so important to me! THANK YOU!! Ashley......I could never had done this without your help! You were a Godsend! Thank you! We Love You! To my mother and father in-law....(for the blackberry cobbler for my birthday!) and the rest of my extended family... for all of you support...THANK YOU!

Also... to all of the Radiologic Technologists in the clinical sites that I have attended (St. Anthony's Hospital, Crawford Memorial Hospital, Sarah Bush Lincoln Hospital, and Richland Memorial Hospital)....THANK YOU! I have learned so much from all of you and I have made some great memories and friends!
To all of my guys are the best and I am so privileged to have known you all! The BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ALL! I have made some GREAT friends and will never forget the memories! Thank you!

And Last but not least...To Scott, Kayla and Kyle for attending graduation and being so patient with me (when I didn't always deserve it) during this journey. It was tough, but we made it! I LOVE YOU! Now we have a lot of catching up to do.....Ballgames and ranger riding all summer long! I can't wait!
(I'm sure I am forgetting someone and for that I appologize now)


Thank You


Thank You


Sunday, May 1, 2011

The End As Come...

Easter morning with their new PJ's

Pinata at Grandma and Grandpa Meinhart's

Meinhart Grandkids

Kocher Grandkids (minus Kaiden & Brenden)

Hunting Easter Eggs

Wow... where do I begin? I guess I should start with the fact that I am (almost) officially done with school! I took my last final (had to have a score of 85 to pass) last thursday and attended my last day of clinicals at Sarah Bush (going to miss that place) on Friday. Tomorrow I have to go to OCC to get my paperwork (walking papers) all finalized and then all I have left is graduation day! I also have to take my state boards in a few weeks!

I feel like I have lost about 20 pounds in just 2 days! The stress that was on my shoulders (that I was unaware of) is gone! I got so much done this weekend that I have been wanting (and needed) to do! The house got a cleaning that was MUCH needed! And I feel MUCH better!

Kayla and I have been been sick off and on. I had an extreme sinus infection two weeks ago and Kayla has had a couple bouts with the flu and diarrhea in the last couple of weeks. I think (hope) we are both on the mend.

So this next week we have lots going on.... I am going to be studying for my boards as much as I can, then on Thursday, Kayla and I have tickets to SUGARLAND & LITTLE BIG TOWN, in Evansville, IN. Then, on Saturday we have four tickets to the Cardinal game in St. louis! We are pretty excited!

Easter came and went pretty fast! The Easter bunny came and left lots of candy, PJ's, and kite's. Kayla and I even got to fly one this afternoon!

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

We want to wish all of our friends and family a

very blessed Easter !!!

The above picture was taken this morning after church.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's Been Awhile!

Wow, it's been a long time since I have updated you all on our Chaos! Today is officially the first day of spring! Thank goodness! We spent the day cleaning the shed to make room for all the equipment that will soon be moved into the shed to get ready for the spring fieldwork. And Scott is getting the lawn mowers ready for the spring. I, on the other hand, have been studying as much as I can for the RT Registry test. I have a little over one month of classes left before I graduate (May 13th, 2011) yes on my 33rd birthday! I have applied for my seat at the registry and I am waiting for a reply to schedule my test date (I will let you all know when my test date is.... after the test is over ;) I don't need anymore pressure on me! I do feel good about how my studying is going, I am really retaining a lot of the information! I am just ready to be done and enjoy life for a while! We are already in the middle of March Madness!! I am watching the ILLINI play as I type......I wish I could say they were winning... This past week the kids and I caught a little flu bug... headache, fever and congestion. Kayla only got one day of school in last week and Kyle and I were home on Thursday and Friday then it took me most of the weekend to catch up on strength....running a fever is hard on me.. LOL We celebrated Kayla's 7th Birthday a couple of weeks ago and will be celebrating Kyle's 5th next weekend. Wow they are growing up so fast....can anyone tell me how to get them to stop fighting???? I'm about to pull my hair out.....funny I seem to remember my mom saying the same thing:) I'll try to post some pictures of the kid's birthday party's in a few weeks.....Thanks for reading and trying to keep up with us! Back to the ILLINI...still loosing :(


Friday, January 7, 2011

In and Out!

That 1/2 inch of snow we got today was so pretty........until I forgot that my ABS taction system wasn't working on the van. Kyle and I slid off the road and into the ditch and thankfully I was driving "slow" enough ;) that I drove right back out! No worries, there was no damage to us or the van.... in fact, after I was back on the road (and not yet calm), Kyle starts giggling and says "That was fun, Mom". And he decided that "Whitey" (Van) is meaner than "Little Gray" (S-10). Because Little Gray barely got out of the same ditch and Whitey just drove right out! Sure did add some excitement to our day!